In a nutshell – who we are

Founding Board of Trustees

Woo Woo Wellness is a conscious, wise and sacred healing network that provides access and introduction to an array of healers and facilitators via a concierge benefit for members. Members also have access to learn about different healers and modalities on several platforms including a podcast and youtube channel. Membership is just $2 per month

Woo Woo Wellness supports healers to make connections, collaborate, set up viable businesses and market their offering. Woo Woo Wellness provides referrals to healers who are accepting new clients and offers a brand designation program for healers and facilitators who apply and pass a safety screening process

Woo Woo Wellness markets the brand, hosts networking events, retreats for healers and provides network healers and facilitators with business tips, resources and support

Woo Woo Wellness encourages healers to promote the brand and platform with their audience and clients in order to further the work of healing in the world and access to healers. There is a brand influencer program to acknowlege influencers who are helpling to further this work

Our board of trustees is a co-creating wealth of wisdom with an array of experience. From spirit healer to expert health benefits business consultant. Reiki master to passionate women’s health advocate and community collaborator.

Each heard the call to come together and support healing in a bigger way than one could alone.

Message from the board:

We knew we would work together and we knew it was not by mistake that we each came to the island of Maui and brought our children together in the same homeschool collective. We each have a sense that we were born to help usher in a new earth divine feminine paradigm and we are on a journey to succeed in our mission. As we each sensed in our own way, the end of the patriarchy and chaos in the world – we knew instinctively that we needed to help co-create a new way forward. A way that lifts the stones from our collective human soul by supporting the work of healing the life or past life wounds, hurts and hindrances that block our ability to thrive, restore vitality and wellness.

We lift up these themes:

Astrological Wisdom, Birth Doulas, Botanical Plant Medicine, Ceremony, Conscious Parenting, Divine Feminine Healing, Energy Healing, Homeschooling, Intuitive Reading, Midwifery, Naturopathy, Postpartum Care, Real Estate Reiki, Rights of Passage, Sacred Gardening, Sacred Geography, Spiritual Wisdom, Sacred Texts, Spirit Medicine, Yoga Practices

Woo Woo Wellness swag headed to the Christina Lopes Retreat in Portugal 2022

“It’s time for the healers and energy workers to stop being solo artists. Solitary witches of magic and sorcery. It’s time to get the band back together. We are more powerful together. We’ve worked together in past lives. We each chose to be born at this time to accomplish a mission. And we each have our instrument, our role in the group. I’m the alchemist and maybe you are too. Or perhaps your role is entirely different – as the shinning star of the performance, out in front healer, intuitive or doula of the birth of a new earth. Every band needs a diverse array of talent who can work together. Are you with us?”

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Other Network Locations (the list is growing)

Cleveland, OH
Dalton, GA
Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA, Orange County, CA Las Vegas, NV
Portland, OR