Guiding Principle: Integrity

Words and actions should align. In other words, say what you do and do what you say. We know this isn’t always an easy path – speaking our truth can be uncomfortable. We want to be fearlessly upright in our word and honest in our interactions.

There is a certain attention to nuances that is required to discern what is true or right in any given situation. We prefer not to align with one political perspective, religious view or ideology to the exclusion of other perspectives. Discernment is a skillful way of bringing outside messages in to see which parts resonate as we fine tune our understanding. We recognize this as a developmental journey of listening to our intuitive knowing above wholesale messaging.

We value training and guidance but we do not seek external validation of your authenticity as a facilitator, practitioner or healer. Only you can know by looking within if you carry the medicine, the power, the ability or talent to work in healing spaces. Trainings, courses and certificates are an important part of your learning, path and journey to become a healer but once you’ve arrived – you know and we’ll hear you.