Guiding Principle: Welcoming

Being inclusive is more than just not discriminating. An effort to be welcoming is involved. To see the world through other lenses and remove the barriers to access that another might feel. We believe the only way forward is in unity which requires us to be conscious – not to discriminate based on gender, race, nationality or age and to also welcome opportunities for self work to mitigate unconscious bias.

This does not mean that we cannot hold gender specific workshops, groups and circles but that we should understand gender is non-binary and offerings should be held with consciousness for who that may include outside the standard definitions of gender. Similarly, as it pertains to youth, groups workshops and circles may require developmentally appropriate age requirements. Under served and represented groups may also require a safe space to meet and facilitate healing, those opportunities are worthy in the vein of inclusivity when a more diverse group would further isolate or be a barrier to care.

Spiritual wisdom evokes many different meanings for different people. We know that every facilitator, practitioner or healer has their own way of connecting with the realm that lies outside our ordinary human perception. We value wisdom, reverence and curiosity. We accept one another and encourage regular healthy practices or experiences that keep us connected and in alignment with creative and healing energy.

We respect the sacred in all religious paths. We strive to be religiously inclusive and not exclusive. We respect all religions, traditions and cultures.