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Here to help you find the right facilitator, modality and healer to remove the blocks, life or past life wounds, hurts and hinderances to allow your natural state of wellness to thrive.


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Energy Healing

Pychic Channeling

Energy Clearing

Postpartum Care

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Energy Healing
“I was able to heal past life wounds, removing swords from my back that were the cause of lifelong back pain and scoliosis. Now I am able to work on straightening my spine with physical therapy, body work and yoga and seeing results when I never did before.”

” I was able to confirm that my recent out of state move was exactly aligned with my best life. I learned that my Jupiter ley line runs right through Oahu several miles from my new home on Maui and the feeling here is palpable.”

Energy Clearing
“With the help of a psychic we learned that the house we were living in was built on a Native American burial ground which we confirmed through research of the area. We received tools and learned how to use them to keep our space clear and also to acknowledge the spirits who were unhappy with the new housing tract on their sacred land.”